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MapInfo MapXtreme 2004 for Windows v.6.2 (Minimum purchase 25 seats with 1st Maintenance)

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MapInfo? MapXtreme? v6.2 For Windows? can put mapping applications into the hands of anyone with access to a web browser. With a simple click, customers can see their wireless coverage area, find the closest drug store or get driving directions to their next sales calls. And network engineers can visually spot disruptions in their network - automatically notifying customers of service outages.

MapInfo Discovery (1-2 CPUs')

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MapInfo Discovery is an enterprise browser-driven map catalog and map viewer application. It functions as an extension to MapInfo Professional?. The product is ideal for sharing maps within and between departments. Now colleagues, executives and constituents can easily access interactive maps showing the results of your analysis. It?s easy-to-use, requires no programming or Internet skills, and ? most importantly ? increases the value of your MapInfo Professional knowledge and expertise throughout the organization.

MapInfo Professional 9 for Windows


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The world's leading solution for mapping and geographic analysis. MapInfo Professional is a powerful Microsoft Windows-based mapping application that enables business analysts and GIS professionals to easily visualize the relationships between data and geography. With MapInfo Professional, you can perform sophisticated and detailed data analysis by leveraging the power of location. Including location in your decision making and daily operations can help you increase revenue, lower costs, boost efficiency and improve services

MapInfo SpartialWare (with 1st maintenance)

Mã SP: SPWN1000

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SpatialWare provides a server based Spatial Information Management system. SpatialWare data management software enables businesses to store, manage, and manipulate location-based, or spatial, data within an Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). SpatialWare lets you combine map and core relational business data into a single database, enabling easy access and use of both types of data.

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